Paris Mosque urges Muslims to join ‘anti-terror’ protest Friday

The French Muslim Council will ask all 2,500 mosques in France to condemn all acts of terrorism this Friday

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The Great Mosque of Paris urged French Muslims on Tuesday to gather at the country’s most important mosque Friday to say “No to terror” and “We are all Paris!”.

A statement called on “all Muslim citizens and their friends” to gather at 2:00 pm (1300 GMT) to say “no to terror” and voice “their deep attachment to Paris, its diversity and the values of the Republic.”

The gathering of French Muslims after Friday prayers was “the best response to those seeking to instill the venom of discord and suspicion within the national community,” the statement added.

The rector of the Great Mosque earlier this week called on all French imams to lead the faithful in Friday prayers for the victims of the country’s worst ever terror attacks.

Rector Dalil Boubakeur voiced “horror” at the “unspeakable acts” which had targeted “absolutely innocent” Parisians.

“We, Muslims of France, can only insist on the need for national unity in opposing this misfortune which has afflicted us and which attacks indiscriminately,” he said.

“We are all victims of this barbarity,” he said.

The suicide bombers behind Friday’s attacks on the national stadium, a packed music venue and bars and restaurants were “people who call themselves Muslims but who should, by rights, be called barbarians.”

The body representing Muslims in France said it would ask all 2,500 mosques in the country to condemn “all forms of violence or terrorism” in prayers this Friday, following the Paris attacks.

The message will condemn such acts “unambiguously”, the French Muslim Council (CFCM) said.

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