Dutch MPs vote to strip terrorists of dual nationality

In Europe the issue has divided political parties and raised a deal of objection

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Dutch MPs voted on Monday to strip dual nationals of their Dutch citizenship if they join terror groups such as the so-called Islamic State group to fight as jihadists, officials said.

"These jihadists can pose a threat to national security when they return to the Netherlands," the justice ministry said in a statement.

Some western governments want the right to strip terror suspects of their nationality if they are dual nationals, including those born in Europe.

With the exception of the far right movements, which firmly support the bill, the issue has divided political parties and raised a great deal of objection.

Australia's parliament has passed in December, a law to strip dual nationals of their citizenship for terrorism-related offenses.

An estimated 110 Australians are believed to be fighting with the ISIS.

In France, President François Hollande has dropped, weeks ago, a controversial plans to change the constitution; plans which included a clause allowing convicted terrorists to be stripped of their French nationality, if they are dual nationals. Solo French nationals were not included in the proposed bill.

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