It’s official: Trump is Republican nominee

Roll call votes gave Trump enough delegates at the GOP Convention to win the nomination after months of speculation

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Donald Trump officially won the Republican Party’s presidential nomination Tuesday, making the businessman the GOP standard-bearer after a rollicking primary season that saw him vanquish 16 rivals.

The roll call vote of states gave Trump enough delegates at the Republican National Convention to win the nomination after months of speculation and dissent among the GOP ranks. There was little opposition on the floor as delegates cast votes for Trump state by state.

The vote came on the second day of the Cleveland convention, where the theme was billed as “Make America Work Again.”

Though the focus was supposed to be jobs, speakers spent more time denouncing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. She was talked about more than Trump himself.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Clinton represents a third term of Barack Obama’s presidency instead of the “clean break from a failed system.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Clinton has “a tortured relationship to the truth.”

Trump himself briefly appeared in a videotaped statement: “This is a movement, but we have to go all the way,” he said.


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