Trump hopes Clinton ‘gets well,’ will release health record

Trump said he had a physical last week and will release the details once test results are back

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Donald Trump said Monday he hopes his Democratic White House rival Hillary Clinton recovers from pneumonia and announced he would be releasing details of his own health soon.

The Republican presidential nominee was unusually subdued in his first public comments on the news that Clinton has pneumonia, a diagnosis revealed by her campaign after she fell sick at a 9/11 memorial ceremony Sunday and had to leave abruptly.

“Something is going on but I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail, and we'll be seeing her at the debate,” he said in a phone interview with Fox News.

The 70-year-old real estate magnate said he had a physical last week and will release the details once test results are back.

“I think they are going to be good. I feel great but when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing very, very specific numbers,” he said.

So far, Trump has only released a brief letter from his physician that was light on details but said if elected, he would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Two US media outlets reported early Monday that Trump’s campaign staffers had been ordered to be respectful about Clinton’s illness and not post anything on the topic on social media.

Any violation of the order could result in termination, CNN said, citing unnamed Trump campaign sources.

Bloomberg reported a similar story, quoting “people familiar with the planning.”

Trump, known for his relentless and personal attacks, had promoted the idea in recent weeks that his 68-year-old Democratic opponent has serious health problems affecting her fitness to lead.

The internet is awash with unsubstantiated claims that Clinton may have a brain tumor, Parkinson’s or dementia.

Clinton was forced to cancel a California fundraising trip on Monday and Tuesday, barely eight weeks from Election Day.

The first presidential debate is scheduled for Sep. 26.