Family of beaten Canadian Muslim teen says US election could be reason

The police said two men got out of a car next to where the teen, Noah Rabbani, was walking, with one holding a baseball bat

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The parents of a 15-year-old Muslim Canadian who was brutally beaten by two men with baseball bats, say they believe the attack might have been a hate crime, local CBC website reported. Noah Rabbani, from Ontario, was attacked by the two men who got out of a car and attacked the teen, beating him badly before taking his backpack, according to local police.

“The males approached the boy and struck him with the bat several times causing serious injuries,” the police’s news release reads. “The suspects ran back to the car and left in an unknown direction.”

His aunt Huma Aslam said her nephew did not have anything of real value in the backpack to steal, only a water bottle and some books.

But the family, which hails from a Pakistani and Muslim background, is concerned that Rabbani may have been beaten due to his skin color.

“It just seems like all of a sudden after the election in the US there have been more violent incidents in our country,” Aslam said. “It’s the timing of it all.”

She added: “Here we are in Canada, the greatest country in the world. I’m just really in shock.”

Doctors are waiting for Rabbani’s swelling to go down so they can operate to remove a blood clot in his brain.
So far, the teen does not have full movement on his right side.

On Nov. 21, CBC published an article reporting on hate crime incidents with a title that read: “Is the ‘Trump effect’ causing a spike in hate crimes in Canada?

Ryan Scrivens, of the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, told CBC is that it is “too soon to tell.”

He added: “If you look at Canada’s past ingrained in the Canadian fabric are acts of violence of the far right. Right-wing extremism is not new in Canada.”

But he added that “Trump has made hate a little bit more legitimate.”

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