Former US diplomat hails ambitious vision of Saudi Crown Prince

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The world media has been giving extended coverage to Mohammed bin Salman since he was officially named Saudi Crown Prince on June 21. More than a week later, he continues to dominate the larger portion of Saudi-related news abroad.

Former US diplomat Dennis Ross is among some prominent analysts who have highlighted the achievements of the Crown Prince and how he has managed the ambitious project of Vision 2030.

In an opinion article, published byUS NEWS on Thusday, Ross foresaw Saudi Arabia's future with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, referring to his efforts to diversify the country's economy and modernity as he promised to expand sources of revenue and maximize resources.

Some features of the change refers to musical concerts and other events that have staged a comeback in Saudi Arabia in recent times. The article also referred to the Crown Prince’s efforts to promote advanced education, transform teaching methods through digital interactive devices instead of the traditional manner.

Challenges within

With regard to the internal challenges facing the young Crown Prince, the article of the former US diplomat pointed to his contribution toward cutting down expenses in areas that have not been attended to before.

He also referred to the social change that will happen in the future and how 'young people who make up the majority of Saudi Arabia, see the Crown Prince as a source of inspiration. He, however, stressed that change in the country, especially for women, will not come easily.

The article also referred to external challenges that at some point turned into a threat. Ross said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was determined to fight the threat of the Iranian presence in Yemen, citing his initiative to form an Arab alliance to confront the militias.

Dennis Ross concluded his article with a positive vision that would follow the transformation of Saudi Arabia, stating that finding the way to work with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the starting point to make this vision a reality.