Hezbollah America announces itself, issues first threat

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A previously unknown militant group identifying itself as the “Hezbollah Army in America” has declared its existence by publishing a statement, copies of which were sent to the Iranshahr News Agency headquarters in Los Angeles.

The terrorist group’s statement, dated March 22, 2017, was also clandestinely distributed in large numbers in the Persian Square area – a section of Westwood Boulevard, at the heart of the Iranian expatriate community – in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

Referring to the presence of US forces in the Gulf, the authors of the statement have threatened to respond to the American “terrorist” activities in that region, here on American soil.

Repeating the trade mark expressions of the Iranian government regarding ‘World Zionism’ and ‘System of Arrogance’, the group is calling itself the ‘Unified arm of Muslim nations of the Middle East’ in America, and threatens it with “an iron fist” on its own soil if it does not leave the Gulf.

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The statement begins with the Koranic verse of “Indeed the Party of Allah [Hezbollah] Shall Overcome Them”, which is part of the common logo of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian IRGC, and its text consists of a series of disorganized cut and pasted sections from another text.


According to the Iranshahr local correspondent, some of the Iranians living in the Persian Square area, have reported the issue to the local police as well as the FBI, declaring their concerns over their security in this neighborhood.

The police have expanded their scope of investigations, have increased their open and undercover patrols in the area and have started a range of activities to finding clues and identifying this terrorist group.

The police have also begun investigating possible links between the birth of this group and the death threats received by the editor-in-chief of the Iranshahr News Agency.

It is also noteworthy that an Iranian revolutionary guard “military theorist” named Hassan Abbassi, had previously announced the establishment of terrorist cells on American soil, while a known Iranian militia leader who was travelling to the US under the cover of a “cancer researcher”, was deported from the Boston Airport a couple of weeks ago, amid the pro-Iran lobbyists’ intense campaign in his favor.