Muslim man attacked in mosque in Australia for ‘no opinion’ on Jerusalem debate

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Footage has emerged revealing a Muslim man being attacked in a mosque in Adelaide, Australia on Friday after an unknown man approached him to discuss religion and Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to the Islamic Society of South Australia president, Ahmad Zreika, the victim in question was at the mosque to perform evening prayers when he was approached by the foreign individual. However, after he responded to his queries stating that he had no political insight on the situation, he recieved a punch in the face.

While the man did not sustain any severe injuries, the attacker left the mosque after which police were called, said Zreika.

Speaking to ABC, Zreika said: “We open our mosque doors every day to the general public in the hope that we can open meaningful dialogue, so that we can work on becoming a more inclusive Australia.”

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According to Zreika, this is not the first hate incident witnessed at the mosque, but they chose to remain silent initially assuming they were executed by children.

However, this time the president said: “But when there's violence happening, we decided to inform the community [about] what's going on because it's really unacceptable.”

Local police continue to look for the suspect.