Saudi student involved in attempted murder case ruled innocent

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Canadian media sources confirmed that local authorities have given permission to Saudi foreign-exchange student Thamer Hamid al-Mustadi to return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after investigations deemed him as innocent.

Mustadi has been released from detention on a case in which he was accused of assaulting and attempting to kill his fellow American student, Mary Hair, 20.

Mustadi’s family has informed Canadian authorities that it will handle the necessary procedures to treat their son’s case in Jeddah. After the incident, which took place in 2016, Mustadi’s parents resided with him in British Columbia to assist him with the repercussions.

Mustadi, 19, was deemed innocent due to suffering from a mental disorder. He was also checked into a mental facility for a certain period in Canada.

The ruling was made after the accused’s lawyer proved to the court that his client was unaware of his actions when he entered her room and placed a knife to her throat. He also pointed out that Mustadi intended to kill the student but only because he thought she was “a devil.”

In an article in the Vancouver Sun, the paper said that the court listened to all the details which enticed the student to attack his colleague. The court also noted that the exchange student’s mental instability was ever-growing; this was evident in his inability to study or keep up with his academic work.

In the period preceding the attack, Mustadi suffered from sleep disturbances. As a result, he began to miss his lectures. The student also took to his family, whom believed that he suffered from depression and was home sick.

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