Report: Qatar’s spying on US officials more dangerous than Russia or Iran

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Despite the fact that Qatar is tiny compared to Russia “it’s enormously wealthy and beneath its façade of moderation, it seeks to export Islamic supremacism around the world,” according to an analyst.

According to a report by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, and a New York writer focusing on radical Islam, Qatar is far more of a threat than it was on 9/11due to its close ties to terror.

These links have made it a pariah nation in the region causing neighboring countries to take a unanimous stance to boycott it.

The report states that according to intelligence community, they have been suspicions over the years that Qataris played a larger role in 9/11, and spying on Americans as part of their plot to interfere in the United States’ domestic affairs.

The report details Qatar’s history of spying and harboring terrorists listing examples including how the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks was transported away on a special Qatari government jet with blacked out windows, when the FBI arrived in Qatar to arrest him.

Greenfield refers to Qatar as the main patron of the Muslim Brotherhood, an international Jihadist network, with close ties to Iran and how it spreads terrorist propaganda through Al Jazeera channel “to influence American policy through think tanks like Brookings while spying on Americans.”

He considers Russia’s backing for the Shiite axis in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen not nearly as destabilizing as Qatar’s backing for the Islamist militias that wrecked Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt and much of the region.

He sums up Qatar’s role in destabilizing the region with the support of Iran saying that “Qatar’s Iranian allies may be the final winners of the Arab Spring’s humanitarian catastrophe, but it was Qatari propaganda and weapons that kickstarted the region’s unholy wars.”

According to him, Qatar has the world’s most influential hostile state propaganda service, far more so than Russia’s RT, adding that: “It hasn’t given up on influencing Americans.”

With regards to influencing the US elections, Greenfield says: “Obama administration colluded with Qatar’s arms shipments to terrorists by instructing NATO forces not to interdict these shipments which later ended up in the hands of Jihadists in Libya and Mali. Qatar bought weapons from the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood regime in Sudan, whose leader is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, and shipped them to Jihadists in Syria through the terror state of Turkey.”

Qatari espionage against Americans

He said that instead of investigating the role of Qatar in influencing American elections, Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, a former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assigned to look into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections; He is reportedly taking the “Qatari propaganda at face value” and directing his investigation accordingly.

He pointed out that US President Trump has been critical of Qatar and if Mueller uses Qatari opposition research to undermine a sitting president on behalf of a terror state, he will actually be doing what Trump has been accused of.

According to Greenfield’s report, “Mueller had been accused of covering for the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in America before. But now he risks being guilty of colluding with the Brotherhood’s Qatari backers to bring down an anti-Qatari president for the terror state that shielded the mastermind of the September 11 attacks.”

Thus he believes: “There could be no greater act of treason than that.”

He says that Qatar passed damaging information produced by espionage to Mueller through the media.

“Mueller needs to make it clear that he won't be colluding with Qatar. If he employs material produced by Qatari espionage on Americans as part of their plot to interfere in our domestic affairs, he's the one who needs to be investigated for collusion,” Greenfield added.

He warns that the media in the United States hardly ever runs stories critical of Qatar, and if Qatar’s terror backing and fake news operations have been supplemented by a domestic spying and blackmail operation against Americans, this cannot be tolerated.

“Americans who collude with Russia should be held accountable. So should those who collude with Qatar,” he said.

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