Tariq Ramadan mistress, previously paid for her silence, reveals ordeal with him

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In a recent interview with Belgian TV channel, RTL-TVI, a Belgian-Moroccan woman has said she has been Islamic scholar Tarek Ramadan’s mistress for five years.

According to her, during these years, she was subjected to a psychological ordeal.

Majda Bernoussi was among the first women to denounce Ramadan since 2014 describing her relationship with him as “destructive.”

Paid for silence

However, she then remained silent for three years and French and Belgian media revealed that she was paid a sum of $33,000 to remain silent.

However, in this new interview to Belgian media, the 45-year-old woman said that she has not yet filed a complaint.

Now, according to her, she decided to overcome her fear and recount publicly her hardship with Ramadan.

She said that Ramadan is “an extremely unhealthy predator and manipulator, …real barbarian, intellectually and physically. A pervert man who uses religion to abuse women. He does exactly what he wants,” she said.