Council of Iranian Democrats: America’s strategy weakens Shiite crescent

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The "Council of Iranian Democrats" spokesperson Abbas Khorsandi said that the US new strategy will weaken the Shiite crescent, hence toppling the Iranian regime either through popular protests or having the regime implement the conditions pertaining to altering its behavior in the region.

The Council, which was announced in the German city of Cologne in November, includes several parties, a number of labor syndicates, civil society activists and independent political figures.

According to its founding statement, it aims to “topple the regime of the guardian of the jurist and establish a democratic, federal and pluralistic regime that’s peaceful with its neighbors and the world.”

Khorsandi said to Al Arabiya.net that the sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards will lead to ending Iran’s military interferences in the region’s countries and called on the international community to support the ongoing popular protests in the country.

He added that the proposed American strategy, if implemented, will mean a substantial change in the Iranian regime’s behavior, i.e. expelling all the regime’s forces and groups from the region’s countries.

“Sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards’ assets will certainly lead to a significant decrease in the budget of recruiting mercenaries. The Guards’ financial capabilities will thus be decreased. The Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Lebanon will thus determine the expenditure of dollars from oil (sales) and revenues of smuggling and drug dealing” he said.

According to Khorsandi, sanctioning the Revolutionary Guards will also weaken their power in oppressing the popular protests.

“More than 70% of our communities live below poverty line since the Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guards prohibited people from enjoying a good life by monopolizing resources and money, and this will lead to more protests,” he said.

He also noted that workers’ strikes will flame these protests which will strongly resume when they realize they have the international community’s support.

“Changing the Iranian regime’s behavior via international pressure has no other meaning but the fall of the regime especially that this means accepting all the conditions announced by the US Secretary of State. I think the American plan aims to change the entire regime and not change its behavior because it’s a regime which relies on the strategy of interfering in the region in order to survive. It will not abandon its missiles and respect the Iranian people’s rights and the rest of the conditions as this requires abandoning the policies it adopted for the past 40 years and this means its inevitable fall,” Khorsandi added.council