Iran media omits Khamenei statement on nuclear deal: I personally made a mistake

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For the first time since he became Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described by Arab media as the supreme leader of the regime, recognized what he considered as his mistake in allowing Iran to join the nuclear negotiations a few years ago, which led to the nuclear deal and the eradication of international sanctions.

Many official and semi-official Iranian news agencies reported Khamenei’s speech on Monday where he discussed a variety of domestic and foreign affairs, including the nuclear agreement.

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“Negotiating the nuclear agreement was a miscalculation, and I personally made a mistake in these negotiations,” Khamenei said.

“As a result of the persistence of regime officials, I allowed it, yet they (the negotiators) crossed the red lines, and the president of the republic confessed to me saying: “if it weren’t for the restrictions you imposed, we would have made more concessions,”” he added.

Soon after, Iranian media outlets omitted what Khamenei said in his speech about accepting the responsibility for his “mistake in allowing the start of the nuclear negotiations”, without giving any further explanations.

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Many analysts believe that Khamenei accepted responsibility for Iran entering negotiations in order to avert internal pressures against President Hassan Rouhani, where he is seen as responsible for the return of sanctions on Iran. However, this part of the speech was removed so as not to be understood as him giving a green light to withdraw from the nuclear agreement at a time where Tehran is trying to seek protection from the EU to limit the consequences of the return of sanctions against Iran.

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