VIDEO: Shock after mass attacks against immigrants in Germany

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A vast crowd of anti-immigrants took the streets on Sunday in response to an overnight death of a 35-year-old German man in Chemnitz.

The victim was stabbed during a city festival and the alteration involved 10 people from “various nationalities”, according to police sources.

German broadcaster, Deutesche Well, reports that the incident left two other men injured, and another two in custody.

The anti-immigration brawl involved a vast crowd of 800 people, who were allegedly shouting racist slurs at foreigners and chasing them.

The protesters also hurdled bottles at police officers. Overwhelmed by the rowdy crowd, police forces called for backup from nearby cities to help thin out the mob by Sunday evening.

According to Deutesche Well, the protests followed online calls for mobilization on social media. The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, and ring-wing “Kaotic Chemnitz” football group, were among the main protestors.

A video showing protestors assaulting individuals who, in their perspective looked non-German, appeared on social media but has not been verified yet.

Chemnitz Mayor, Barbara Ludwig, told local media that she was “horrified” after seeing what took place in her city on Sunday.

Police sources told German magazine Der Spiegel that several people had filed assault charges, including one German man, a woman of Bulgarian descent and a man of Syrian descent.

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