Saudi Arabia rejects false accusations over recent incidents in Iran

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A senior official at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the Kingdom completely rejects the deplorable false accusations by Iranian officials regarding the Kingdom's support for the incidents that occurred in Iran last Saturday.

The senior official added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's policy is clear regarding its non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, and its rejection to any interference in the Kingdom's domestic affairs. The Iranian regime, in contrast, interferes in the affairs of its neighbors, and is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the region and the world.

The Iranian regime since its inception has spread chaos, destruction, sectarianism, and extremism. The regime has wasted its peoples resources in its aggression and reckless behavior that has brought nothing but chaos and destruction to the region.

The senior official also noted that the Kingdom is used to such false allegations by a regime that has no other option but to lie and place the blame on other countries to cover its shortcomings and failures to fulfill the aspirations of its people.

The regime recently accused the Kingdom of causing the collapse that Iran's economy is witnessing, which in fact was the result of the regime's policies that have wasted its people's resources and capabilities to support terrorist organizations and spread ballistic missiles in the region.

The senior official added, that we advise the Iranian regime to follow a new path and behave like a responsible country that seeks to achieve prosperity and stability for its people, rather than waste its capabilities in support of terrorist organizations, sectarianism, and extremism, and to engage with its neighbors on the principle of good neighborliness, respect for international laws and norms, and without interference in the affairs of other countries.


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