TURKISH REVELATION: No proof of ‘tell the boss, deed is done’ in Khashoggi case

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“Tell the boss the deed is done.”

These words – reported by The New York Times and then the rest of the world, linked the entire Khashoggi affair to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

International entities froze ties (before resuming contacts), sweeping statements were made, and the US Congress at least briefly considered punitive measures against Saudi Arabia.

A new book has now revealed, there is no evidence on that matter, which was dealt with as a smoking gun in the case. The newly released book – Diplomatic Atrocity: The Dark Secrets of the Khashoggi Murder is written by Ferhat Ünlü, Abdurrahman Şimşek and Nazif Karaman, from Turkey’s Sabah newspaper.

The book presents itself as a reliable source for those who are interested in the issue, while revealing brand new details.

‘Less mysterious’

As per the details revealed in the book, one of the darkest cases in recent history, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, is becoming “less mysterious thanks to new findings” that reveal the identities of two more members of the hit squad and more voice recordings.

Some of the most striking new details are the revelation of new audio recordings that give information about both before and after the murder.

The book analyzes the 7.5-minute-long voice recording of the last moments of Khashoggi that Ankara claimed it shared with several countries and intelligence agencies. However, there is no official confirmation on that and even states like France and leader like US president have denied.

It denies the claim that was all over the media but is actually false. According to the book, there is no evidence of the claim related to “Mutreb’s call to someone from the consulate saying “tell the boss the deed is done.”

The book says “ Another claim that was all over the media but is actually false is Mutreb's call to someone from the consulate saying "tell the boss the deed is done." According to the book, there is no evidence on that matter. The New York Times reported in November that Mutreb called a superior and told him to "tell your boss," with media reports suggesting it was MBS, to confirm that the "mission was carried out" and "the deed is done."”

Other major claims

The Dark Secrets of the Khashoggi Murder sets the record straight on several other claims that haven’t been substantiated.

The book addresses the tricky issue of the Turkish government breaching international laws, by spying on international missions working inside its territories.

Daily Sabah claims that the book seeks to counter reports implying that the information were unlawfully achieved and Turkey was deliberately listening to the building.

It added that the recordings were automatically saved, meaning that Turkey did not deliberately listen to the consulate and save the records. “ However many experts all over the world question these claims, asserting that Turkish government must be accountable over breaching the spying.

Phone traffic between Istanbul and Riyadh

According to the book, there are also the recordings of the phone traffic between Istanbul and Riyadh, starting from Sept.28.

It says there is also no evidence on how Khashoggi’s body disappeared, including any findings on dissolving the body through acid.

The new revelation confirms proofs that the case was an attempt to change US policy against Saudi Arabia and in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Qatar supports in spite of its status as a terrorist organization with most other Gulf countries.

US security expert Jim Hanson added that Turkey had control of the narrative after the killing as the only primary source for the media, with Qatar backing up their tales.

During a Security Studies Group research for a report on the “information operation” led by Qatar and Turkey, after Khshoggi’s death, the organization heard from reliable sources familiar with the investigation that documents showing wire transfers from Qatar were found in his apartment in Turkey.

They were immediately put out of reach by Turkish security services, so they did not show the collusion between Khashoggi, Qatar, and Turkey prior to his death.

The organization has published as well a new, unredacted set of findings about the case. (You can read them here).

The Dark Secrets of the Khashoggi Murder, confirms Security Studies Group conclusion that Khashoggi was acting as a foreign agent for the interests of Qatar and Turkey.

The book says according to Omer Abdulaziz, a close friend of Khashoggi and an activist based in Canada who gave an exclusive interview to the writers, the journalist was more than a critique of the Saudi government. He was actually working on a joint project named the “army of the bees” with Abdulaziz himself.

The findings according to Hanson are damning to Qatar, Turkey, and the Washington Post. The findings suggest that Khashoggi have been operating in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by doing this on behalf of Qatar.

This is the same law that caused both Gen. Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort legal jeopardy by not filing their attempts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of a foreign entity, according to the group.