May calls for UK lawmakers to back Brexit deal

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has called on lawmakers to back her EU exit agreement, telling them that “if this deal is not passed then Brexit could be lost.”

May – her voice reduced to a raw whisper after days of frantic Brexit diplomacy – spoke as the House of Commons began debating the deal before a vote later Tuesday.

She said she had secured “improvements” from the European Union to the deal that lawmakers rejected in January.

But many pro-Brexit lawmakers still think the agreement keeps Britain bound too closely to the EU and say they plan to vote against it.

During the parliamentary session, May emphasized the importance of moving forward with the deal to give “the British people and businesses the certainty they need in the future.”

She added that it was crucial to deliver a deal, which the people of England have democratically chosen.

Concerns were raised from the opposition who questioned why the Prime Minister has not reached out to them while making new amendments to the deal.

In response, May said: “There have been alternative approaches… We have worked with members across this house and chambers.”

Britain is due to leave the bloc in less than three weeks, on March 29.