Pompeo hopes that pressure on Iran will return Houthis to the political table

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Iran provides, not only resources, but also missiles to the Houthi militias, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya on Thursday. He added that he hopes pressure on Iran will convince the Houthis "to return to the political table."

During his time in Jerusalem, Pompeo told Al Arabiya: “We’re very hopeful that this pressure will convince the Houthis that they need to return to the political table, they need to have a discussion, they cannot win this militarily, and we’re determined to ensure that order is restored in Yemen.”


Asked on whether he believes that Iran instructed the Houthis on the Stockholm Agreement, Pompeo said that he believes that there’s very little that the Houthis do without directions from Khomeini and Soleimani.

A part of Pompeo’s tour was a visit to Lebanon where Hezbollah, enlisted by the US as a terrorist group, is part of the government.

“We want good things for the people of Lebanon. It’s a once truly proud successful economic powerhouse. It can be that again. It can’t do so with terrorists as part of their government,” he said.

Pompeo also spoke of a plan that will soon be presented by the US for a solution between Palestinians and Israelis, saying that the US wants a better life for Palestinians and that soon “the whole world will see how America is thinking about this.”

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