Afghan Ministry: Kabul attack over, assailants killed

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Afghan authorities declared on Saturday the end of an hours-long, multi-pronged assault by suicide bombers and gunmen at the communications ministry in Kabul.

“Operations finished. All suicide bombers killed & more than 2000 civilian staff rescued,” the Ministry of Interior said on Twitter.

The attack had started about six hours earlier at a postal facility by the ministry, officials said, in a busy area in downtown Kabul.

Police chief Gen. Sayed Mohammad Roshandil said that the bomber blew himself up outside the telecommunications ministry, clearing the way for the other attackers to enter the building and the heavily guarded government compound in central Kabul.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Both Taliban insurgents and the ISIS are active in eastern Afghanistan and have previously claimed attacks in Kabul.

Nasart Rahimi, a spokesperson for the interior ministry, said earlier that security forces were locked in an ongoing siege. He added that they had shot and killed two further suicide bombers, before the attackers could reach their target of the nearby central post office.

Live footage from local TV showed government employees fleeing the neighboring information and culture ministry buildings, with some climbing out through the windows.

Security forces blocked all roads accessing the site.

(With Agencies)