Trump at G20 summit: G20 next year will be held in a ‘wonderful place’

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The G20 next year will be held in a “wonderful place”, US President Trump says at a press conference following the G20 summit, referring to Saudi Arabia.

“China is going to be buying a tremendous amount of food and agricultural product very soon. Our farmers are going to be a tremendous beneficiary,” Trump said.

Trump also said he’s holding off on new China tariffs for the ‘time being’.

He added that he is going to South Korea following the closing of the summit on Saturday, and “may or may not see Kim Jong Un.”

Answering a question regarding Russia, the President said: “I won not because of Russia, not because of anyone, but myself.”

He also said that he sees trade going up with Russia.

Answering a question about the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi, US President Trump said: “As of this moment, more than 13 people are being prosecuted and I hear the numbers are going to be going up… they’ve (Saudi Arabia) taken it very seriously.”

“They are a terrific ally, they’re creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country,” he added.

Regarding Turkey’s S-400 deal with Russia, US President Trump blamed Obama administration for not selling Patriot missiles, saying, “He was treated unfairly… and honestly, it’s not really Erdogan’s fault.”

“He (Erdogan) then went to Russia and bought the S-400. As soon as he bought it people went back to him from our country and said we don’t want you to use that system, do us a favor we’ll sell you… but it was too late,” Trump said.

“We’re working on Idlib province together because he (Erdogan) doesn’t want three million people killed, and neither do I… If I didn’t put out a statement six months ago that would have been catastrophic,” he added.

When asked about the situation in Venezuela, Trump said “It’s what socialism can do… it was one of the richest 20 countries in the world, they had food, they had water.”

Trump also said that he discussed Venezuela with leaders at G20, saying they never want that to happen to any of the countries.

He added that he knows many Venezuelans, calling them “incredible” and “hardworking” people.

“We are helping them get as much as aid as possible,” Trump said. “People are starving to death, they have no water, they have oil but no water.”

“Maduro is doing very poorly,” he added. “It’s just not working.”

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