German police suspend training in Kabul after attack

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German police have suspended the training of Afghan officers in Kabul in the wake of last week’s deadly attacks by the Taliban, it was confirmed on Sunday.

At least 16 people were killed and more than 100 injured last Monday in a bomb attack on Kabul’s Green Village, a large fortified compound that houses aid agencies and international organizations.

The 22 members of the German Police Project Team (GPPT), in Kabul to train Afghan officers, were in the compound at the time and survived the attack, but their accommodation and offices are “no longer habitable,” a spokesman said.

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As a result, German police have suspended the training, with half of the team flown out of Afghanistan while the rest are housed in Kabul’s German Embassy.

“The other half of the members of the... GPPT are flying out for the time being for a lack of accommodation,” an interior ministry spokesman said in a statement from Berlin.

“The question of the continued ability to work is currently being clarified,” the spokesman said.

He said “The continuation of the successful cooperation with the Afghan security authorities also depends on this.”

After another deadly bomb attack killed 12 more in Kabul last Thursday, US President Donald Trump announced that he had called off a secret summit with the Taliban, following a year-long diplomatic push to exit America’s longest war.