Number of UK coronavirus cases jumps to 206

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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom has risen to 206, a rise of 43, British health officials said on Saturday.

So far in Britain, two patients who had confirmed positive for the virus have died, the health ministry and the Public Health England agency said.

While the rate of new infections in China has dropped significantly, the virus has spread quickly in new hotspots such as South Korea, Italy, and Iran. The virus had been mostly contained in the Middle East until a surge of cases were spread by travelers returning from Iran. The total number of infected and dead continues to grow, with nearly 93,000 infected and over 3,100 dead.

As coronavirus spreads, it makes an increasingly noticeable impact on people’s lives. Air travel has been significantly restricted as governments and airlines seek to limit the virus’s spread, with airliners across the globe canceling flights. States are closing their borders to certain states, breaking down the movement of people. And within countries, both public and private events have been canceled, while price gougers continue to take advantage of people’s health fears.

The world economy is paying the price as the stock market crashes. Last week, US stock markets fell by the highest amount since the 2008 financial crisis.

Even countries who have so far escaped the worst are considering radical – and disruptive – measures.

In the UK, the chief medical officer is forecasting “widespread transmission,” while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the army is “ready” to support police in maintaining public order.

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