Exclusive video: Doctors in Spain celebrate first coronavirus recovery

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Spanish doctors at Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid are seen celebrating the first case of coronavirus to recover in Spain, in exclusive video footage obtained by Al Arabiya.

Spain is the second worst hit country in Europe and has been suffering from an uptick in coronavirus cases in the last week, as the number of deaths soared past 1,300 on Sunday prompting the Spanish government to extend its state of emergency for a further 15 days.

A second video obtained by Al Arabiya showed a doctor walking through an overcrowded Madrid hospital, with patients reportedly unable to get a hospital bed.

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Coronavirus in Spain

Spain became the fourth most infected country in the world last Monday. By Sunday, the number of cases had increased from 19,980 to 24,926.

In response, the Spanish government has implemented measures to try and limit the amount of human-to-human contact, the primary means by which coronavirus spreads.

One viral video showed a woman being dragged out of a pool by Spanish police for violating the command to stay indoors. Another showed police stopping a British cyclist.

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Neighboring France has also been badly hit by coronavirus. Hospitals in Paris are struggling to cope, said the head of European Hospital Georges-Pompidou, which experienced a 20 percent increase in patients overnight on Sunday.

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