Trump mistakenly tags unverified Saudi user instead of FDA in Tweet about coronavirus

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US President Donald Trump mistakenly tagged a Saudi Arabian user with the handle “@FdA” in a tweet about coronavirus, instead of the official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has the handle of “@US_FDA”.

Trump retweeted an article about a research institute which developed technology that “can clean up to 80,000 pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) for use.” The author of the article says in her tweet that it is a “huge breakthrough in the fight against the #coronavirus.”

Trump added the following to his retweet: “Highly recommended by Governor @MikeDeWine of Ohio. @FDA must move quickly!”

But instead of tagging the actual Food and Drug Administration in the US, asking it to “move quickly”, he tagged an unverified Twitter account with the handle “@FdA”.

The “@FdA” twitter account is an unverified one, with the name MLK, and location set in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The user does not follow anyone, has not posted a single tweet since the account was created in March 2011, and has 8,240 followers.

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