NGO letter demands G7 leaders stop pushing fossil fuels and invest in clean energy

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An open letter demanding G7 leaders stop financing fossil fuels, cancel debt payments in developing nations grappling with COVID-19 and climate impacts was issued by civil society organizations (CSOs) from across the globe on Wednesday.

More than 300 CSOs also called for the G7 to fund their fair share to developing countries for climate adaptation requirements.

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“We, the 353 undersigned organizations from 58 countries, call on the leaders of G7 governments to listen and respond to the voices of global citizens calling for climate justice, debt cancellation, and an end to fossil fuel extraction,” the letter read.

The CMOs said that support mechanisms for countries in the South to speed up transition, and discourage international trade arbitration mechanisms that protect fossil fuel investors are required. The development of renewable energy technologies, a transition to clean energy for workers, communities, and countries, and access to energy for those who currently lack it is also needed.

Representatives from signatories of the CSO letter provided comments upon the letters release.

This included Aroa de la Fuente from the Alianza Mexicana contra el Fracking in Mexico who said: “The US has taken advantage of Mexico to receive its over production of gas due to the fracking boom. Now we have pipelines and natural gas power plants all over the country and our dependence on imports is risky. Unfortunately, instead of investing in decentralized, community scale, renewable energy, there are voices calling for us to develop our shale gas potential imitating our neighbor.”

May Boeve, the Executive Director at stated: “We have had enough of world leaders sitting and talking whilst the world burns around them, with COVID-19 and climate impacts continuing to wreak havoc. In order to achieve a truly just recovery from both the health pandemic and climate breakdown, we need international collaboration to tackle both crises and ensure that those most affected are being taken care of. The G7 must take a decisive stance, and end all new fossil fuel investments.”

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