‘Biden has blood on his hands’: Republicans blame US President for Kabul attacks

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Republicans in Congress pointed the finger of blame at US President Joe Biden following the two suicide bombing attacks in Kabul that claimed the lives of dozens, including 12 US servicemen on Thursday.

The two blasts, which targeted the crowds massing near the Kabul airport, was blamed on ISIS. The group claimed responsibility for one of the bombings.

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At least 72 people died and another 158 were wounded, according to US and Afghan officials.

House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said on Twitter: “Joe Biden has blood on his hands… This horrific national security and humanitarian disaster is solely the result of Joe Biden’s weak and incompetent leadership. He is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Biden has been criticized for following through with his plan to fully withdraw US forces from Afghanistan despite the Taliban seizing control of the country on August 15.

Republican Kevin McCarthy said: “Our enemies have taken advantage of the chaotic nature of Biden's withdrawal,” and called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring back Congress into session ahead of the evacuation deadline of August 31 “so we can be briefed thoroughly by the Administration and prohibit the withdrawal of our troops until every American is safely out.”

Representative Lisa McClain tweeted: “[President Biden] you assured Americans the Taliban could be trusted to secure the evacuation of our citizens and allies. There is now blood on your hands.”

Senator Lindsey Graham urged the Biden administration to reestablish a presence in Bagram Air Base north of Kabul and run evacuation flights from there.

“I urge the Biden Administration to reestablish our presence in Bagram as an alternative to the Kabul airport so that we do not leave our fellow citizens and thousands of Afghan allies behind. It is not a capability problem, but a problem of will,” he said.

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