Ukraine says downs two Russian Kalibr missiles fired from submarine in Black Sea

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Ukraine’s Air Force said on Wednesday it destroyed two Russian Kalibr-type cruise missiles over the Vinnytsia region, which had been fired from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea.

“Around 01:00 p.m., July 26, 2023, the enemy fired Kalibr-type cruise missiles from the Black Sea. Presumably, the missiles were fired from a Russian submarine,” the Air Force said on Telegram.

It added: “The projectiles entered the airspace from the southeastern direction, changing course along the tracking route. Both missiles were shot down in the Vinnytsia region.”

The Air Force had earlier sounded an air raid alert across the country as 12 Tu-95MS bombers took off from Russia.

It said that the 12 Tu-95MS bombers had fired more missiles from the Caspian Sea.

Russian Kalibr-type cruise missiles, known for their precision and versatility, have become a prominent feature of Russia's military arsenal. These long-range cruise missiles can be launched from various platforms, including submarines, surface ships, and aircraft, making them highly adaptable to different operational scenarios.

The Kalibr missiles are equipped with advanced guidance systems, allowing them to navigate through complex terrain and evade enemy defenses, making them a formidable weapon in modern warfare.

In the context of the Black Sea region, Russia's firing of Kalibr cruise missiles from both naval vessels and submarines has raised concerns among neighboring countries and NATO allies due to their ability to strike targets with high accuracy at significant distances.

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