Russian Kh-101 missiles produced this year, sanctions must be strengthened: Kyiv

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Kyiv reported on Tuesday that the Kh-101 missiles launched by the Russians overnight were produced this year, therefore sanctions must be strengthened to prevent Moscow from obtaining critical components.

“Last night, the Russians struck Ukraine, in particular, with Kh-101 missiles. These missiles were produced by the Russians this year. Kh-101 missiles, which were produced in April, have approximately 30 foreign microcircuits,” said Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak on Telegram.

He stressed: “Restrictions have already been imposed, but sanctions need to be strengthened so that Russia cannot obtain critical components and manufacture missiles.”

This comes after Russian forces struck Ukraine with air- and sea-launched missiles overnight. In total, at least 28 cruise missiles of various types were fired. Ukrainian defense forces destroyed 16 cruise missiles.

The Kh-101 is a Russian long-range, air-launched cruise missile known for its precision strike capabilities. It is believed to have a range of over 2,500 kilometers, making it one of Russia's most extended range airborne weapons. Its stealth features, due to its shape and radar-absorbing materials, allow it to evade enemy detection systems.

While the exact components and manufacturing processes for the Kh-101 remain classified, producing such a missile typically requires advanced propulsion systems, guidance and navigation electronics, a warhead, aerodynamic structures, and specialized materials to achieve its stealth properties. Additionally, given its complex nature, the missile would rely on sophisticated engineering and manufacturing techniques to ensure its long-range and precision-strike attributes.

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