Satellite images show new buildings at Russian military bases near Finland’s border

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Russia has rapidly erected three new large buildings at a military base near Finland’s border which is used by Moscow’s Arctic Motor Rifle Brigade, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported.

The new buildings are situated in the Alakurtti military base, about 50 kilometers from the Finnish border, according to the report.

The Finnish broadcaster stated that satellite images showed that Russia has also built a new large military storage site in Petrozavodsk which lies about 175 km from the border.

“The construction projects are the first concrete sign that Russia has again begun investing in its military bases near Finland after years with little or no development,” Yle reported.

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A comparison of satellite images indicated that the buildings were erected from foundation to full height within one day.

The rapid pace of construction indicates a new building method. A strong plastic-coated fabric roof is attached to top of a lightweight metal frame, military expert specializing in Russia retired Major Marko Eklund told Yle. He said: “This is the first time this technology has reportedly been used in the northern region. Apparently, the material can withstand severe cold.”

Eklund said each building could easily accommodate the combat vehicles of one battalion, or about 40 MT-LB armored personnel carriers.

“Russia has stationed about 2,000 troops at the Alakurtti base, but at least one third or even half of them have been sent to fight in Ukraine. The garrison is home to the 80th Separate Arctic Motor Rifle Brigade,” Yle reported.

Yle has additionally detected, using satellite imagery, a large construction site located in Petrozavodsk, where Russia maintains its largest accumulation of military equipment close to the Finnish border.

Eklund said the new building could accommodate, for example, about 50 armored vehicles if parked densely. However, the Petrozavodsk structure is likely to be used for equipment maintenance. He added that the Petrozavodsk depot’s most important task at the moment is to refurbish and deliver equipment for the war against Ukraine. Many transport tanks, combat vehicles and artillery are stored at the site, enough to equip at least one motorized brigade of 4,000 soldiers.

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