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Ukraine Air Force says Russian drones now harder to detect due to color, material

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Ukraine’s forces said dozens of kamikaze drones that Russia launched have an unusual black livery and are covered with carbon that absorbs radar signals, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force said on Sunday.

“Now we can see that they used carbon, the material absorbing the radar signal, and also they painted them black... This will complicate the work of our air defenses, namely the visual by mobile fire groups,” Yuriy Ihnat said as cited by state news agency Ukrinform.

However, Ihnat stressed that this did not prevent the air defense units from effectively downing almost all the Russian UAVs.

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He stated: “Despite the probable visual similarity, the Shahed drones launched in the latest attack are not the new jet-propelled variant Iran is now believed to be producing.”

In September, Russian forces used about 500 drones to attack the territory of Ukraine, Ihnat had said at the end of October, adding that currently, the number of drones used has decreased somewhat, which indicates that the enemy is accumulating them.

“Drones are used to attack not only critical infrastructure facilities but also military facilities they want to hit. You saw that they also try to hit airfields. Why are fewer [drones] used? Well, there were 500 in September. Therefore, perhaps, the enemy does not have such capabilities to build up a large number now, and it is possible that they try to launch them in October in a dosed manner in different directions and from different directions – from the north, from the southeast and from the south, and maybe they want to restore the stock that was used in September,” Ihnat added.

Asked about Russia's increase in production and modernization of Shahed drones, Ihnat said: “As I said, they used more than 500 units in September, so it [stock] should be restored, maybe those factories are not yet working at the capacity they want to reach or Iran may not be providing the numbers they would like to continue these attacks. Believe me, if they had enough of them, they would all be launched here because these weapons exhaust our air defense, these weapons sometimes hit the targets, so they would use them. They may now be taking a break to amass the numbers they need to attack our infrastructure. As for modernization, it will happen, the weaknesses and strengths of each type of weapon are studied in real combat. And with Shahed drones, they definitely started to make some improvements.”

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