Exclusive Ukraine surrender, curbing arms supply ‘only solution’ to end Russian war: Putin ally

Russia will have no option but to “press the red button first” in case Ukraine begins operating nuclear weapons-capable jets, ultranationalist Aleksandr Dugin tells Al Arabiya.

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Kyiv surrendering its territories to join former Eastern Slavic states and the West stopping its supply of arms to Ukraine are the “only solutions” to end the Russian war, a prominent Russian political philosopher told Al Arabiya English.

At times referred to as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘brain’ and personal ‘philosopher,’ ultranationalist Aleksandr Dugin said “irresponsible Western politicians” are to blame for high levels of the nuclear threat facing the warring parties and their neighbors. Critics of Dugin, though, do not believe that he has any sway over the Kremlin’s actions.

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Nuclear war has “never been closer like it is now,” Dugin said, adding that it reached this point because “the dominant ideology in the West, which is globalization and liberalism, doesn’t accept any opposing views.”

“If the Western elites who adopt an ideology of liberalism and globalization, side with the system of unipolarity and hold on to this principle without considering the new variables…they will take provocative actions such as giving Ukraine F-16 fighters despite the lack of runways for this type of jets there,” the Russian philosopher and author reasoned.

Warring parties in a stalemate

Since Russia invaded Ukrainian territory in February 2022, Kyiv has rapidly exhausted its military capabilities and continues to rely heavily on military aid from NATO powers.

F-16 jets have been a part of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s long-requested wish list, which he says will deliver new results in favor of Kyiv as the two parties remain mostly in a stalemate despite Moscow’s military might.

Since the August 2023 announcement of providing fighter jets to bolster Ukraine’s air defense, Ukrainian military personnel have been training in Denmark, the UK, US and other allied nations, as Russia promises a stern response to the imminent threat and ups its own capabilities.

In June 2023, ahead of the expected F-16 announcement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned of an escalation in the war if nuclear weapons-capable jets were supplied to Kyiv.

Referring to that warning, Dugin said: “Lavrov’s warning was in view of the fact that we don’t know for sure whether these F-16 fighters carry nuclear heads that may be launched against Russia. This may lead Russia, in certain cases, to use strategic nuclear weapons – and not tactical weapons – either in Poland or Ukraine, and may expand to include London, New York, and Berlin.”

He said it is nearly impossible to verify whether a Ukrainian-operated F-16 is carrying nuclear warheads, pressuring Moscow to be the first one to “press the red button.”

“If you don’t exploit the time factor to be the first, you will certainly not be the second,” Dugin further explained.

Calling the conflict a “civil war,” the Russian philosopher urged Ukraine to adopt “neutrality.” Otherwise, he reiterated, “Ukraine will cease to exist.”

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