Exclusive Cenk Uygur: Biden, Trump challenged by youth votes, both ‘terrible’

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As the US presidential election looms, candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump are being challenged by young voters, who have spoken out against the Israeli war in Gaza, host Cenk Uygur told Al Arabiya English’s Riz Khan.

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On this episode of the Riz Khan Show, Uyghur, who hosts the popular daily news and politics show The Young Turks – which has amassed almost 6 million YouTube subscribers – discusses a range of topics from the November US elections, the Gaza war and breaks down social media and mainstream media coverage of the ongoing conflict in the Strip.

Gaza war and US presidential elections

Uygur, who has thrown punches at both Biden and Trump, said that the current and former presidents are relying on older peoples’ votes.

“The older people grew up on television. And television in America is a propaganda machine. They’re not in the news business, they’re in the marketing business. And so older people still believe the propaganda about how Israel is a moral army, which is, of course, if you know the truth, a tragic joke, right?” he told Al Arabiya English.

Younger people, on the other hand, grew up on social media and so they are rising to challenge both, Uygur said.

Can the new influence the old?

The older American generation cannot be influenced by the new one, Uygur told Riz Khan.

“The older generation is totally corrupt, and totally brainwashed,” he said. He underscored that soon time will come for the new generation to take over because “that’s the way it works.”

This is in part due to the role that social media has been playing, especially in taking over the popularity of TVs among the younger generation.

Trump a ‘lunatic, Biden a ‘monster’

During the interview, Uygur discussed criticizing both Biden and Trump during his shows. He told Khan that former president Trump is a “lunatic,” and “painfully stupid.”

Uygur says that his criticism of Trump, however, doesn’t make him pro-Biden.

“If you go on cable news, they’ll say that I’m pro-Trump because I dared to criticize their beloved Biden,” he told Al Arabiya English, adding that Biden is not a sweet guy.

“Biden’s a monster. He greenlit this genocide in Gaza.”

For Uygur both candidates are terrible, but Trump might be worse.

“But man, that is a terrible competition to be in.”

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