‘King Farouq’ leads Ramadan drama stars

Casting stirs debate in Egypt


Syrian actor Tim Hassan who played Egypt’s King Farouq in the Ramadan TV series carrying the same name has won the annual race of stars as the serial itself still stirs much debate in the Egyptian cultural circles, according to press reports.

Hassan attracted audience to King Farouq’s serial, shown exclusively on MBC A Satellite Channel, with his convincing performance despite pressures on him for being a Syrian playing Egypt’s deposed King’s character, according to a report on Ramadan drama by Egypt’s weekly Rozalyoussef magazine.

The syrian’s choice for the role drew fire from many Egyptian stars who argued King Farouq should have been played by one of them. But Hassan’s physical resemblance to the Egypt’s last monarch, in addition to his talent, helped the young Syrian actor gain admiration not only in Egypt, but also through the Arab world.

Hassan is not new to historical TV dramas. He took part in other big productions like Saladin, Saqr Quraish (Falcon of Quraish – the tribe of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad) and others.

The mega-production drama relayed Farouq’s life from the day he was born till his burial that took place in Egypt. Farouq ruled Egypt. He was crowned at the age of 16 and ruled Egypt for 16 years till he was deposed and sent into exile in July 1952 when Egypt’s Army took power.

King Farouq was born February 11, 1920, and was the tenth monarch from the Mohammed Ali dynasty that ruled Egypt from 1805 till 1953. He died March 18, 1965 in his exile in Italy and was buried in a mosque in the historical Islamic area of Cairo.