Czech party offers to host Dutch "Fitna" film

Best to 'ignore these idiots', Interior Minister says


A Czech nationalist party has offered to host a film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders critical of Islam on its website, prompting denunciations Monday from mainstream politicians.

The National Party, which has no seats in parliament, said it was ready to host the 15-minute film "in reaction to the cowardice of Dutch and European Union politicians who themselves spread panic and are unable to support the chairman of the Freedom Party Geert Wilders in his fight against Islam."

To do so would be a response to "Islamic terrorists whose blackmail and attacks damage our countries," the far-right party added in a statement seen on its website.

Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer attacked the offer as "stupid".

"The best defense against these idiots is to ignore them because what they need is a media show and publicity," he told the CTK news agency.

His left-wing predecessor, Frantisek Bublan, warned of unrest. "I do not expect it would be from our own Muslim community, but could threaten danger from outside," he said.

An Internet service provider in the United States said Sunday it had suspended a website that Wilders had reserved to post the film, which has sparked wide condemnation.

Dutch officials have unsuccessfully urged Wilders not to air the film, fearing a repeat of violent protests that erupted in many countries when European newspapers printed cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Wilders has said he will release it "before April 1" on the Internet if no conventional broadcaster will show it.

Several Muslim countries -- including Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan -- have already protested against his plans.

A Dutch newspaper that has seen some of the opening images said it depicts the cover of the Koran, and then "a decapitation in Iraq, a stoning in Iran and an execution in Saudi Arabia".

The National Party is known for its xenophobic views and calls for a resurgence of conservative national values. It frequently makes headlines with sparsely-attended demonstrations against immigrants and minorities.