Angry Pakistani woman cuts off her lover's penis

Man was drugged and castrated for marrying his cousin


A Pakistani woman chopped off her lover's penis after he wedded his cousin in a marriage arranged by his parents, police and hospital officials said Monday.

The man, 24-year-old Muhammad Shehzad, began a relationship with a 30-year-old married woman named Jamila after they met at a zoo in the eastern city of Lahore two years ago, police officer Asghar Bhatti said.

"Shehzad had promised he would marry Jamila if she got a divorce from her husband, but he married his cousin two weeks ago," Bhatti said, adding that this "infuriated her and she decided to take revenge."

"She invited him to her house last Wednesday and after serving some intoxicant cut off his sexual organ."

Police arrested the woman and she remains in custody, Bhatti said.

Doctor Sanaullah, who treated Shehzad at Lahore General Hospital, said they have been unable to reattach the penis.

"He has become impotent for the rest of his life and will be unable to perform his conjugal duties. He can never become a father," the doctor said.