Egyptian divorces hubby over nude web pics

Exposed his body to foreign girls


After 15 years of marriage, a neighbor told the wife that her son found nude pictures of her husband on the internet. The Egyptian wife logged in to see her husband exposing his body and chatting with foreign women, according to press reports Tuesday.

Unable to confront her husband, the wife resorted to a family court, which summoned the husband.

But he failed to show up and accused the wife of slandering him, calling her crazy. The wife filed for khol'a (the wife’s right to divorce), and she was granted divorce, Saudi daily Riyadh reported.

Egyptian family courts have an average of 12,000 khol'a cases annually, with some wives citing unusual reasons to justify their divorce demands. Not showering for months, smelly feet, and bad breath from eating too much onion and garlic are just a few examples of such reasons.

Keeping cats and dogs in the house and working in sorcery were also amongst the most interesting cases in Egyptian family courts. Another wife filed for divorce when her husband refused to let her go to her father's funeral.

The introduction of khol'a in Egypt demonstrated that thousands of women are desperate for divorce, but could not find the legal means to it smoothly and quickly. Although a woman might suffer financial problems in the aftermath of this type of divorce, lots of women find it a fast way out of miserable marriages they have been forced to stand for years.

Before this law was passed in 2000, obtaining a divorce was a very complicated legal process.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid).