Bahrain seeks ban on raunchy Lebanese singer

Haifa Wehbe's 'toned-down' show will go on: paper


Bahrain's parliament on Tuesday approved an urgent motion asking the government to ban a performance by Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, known for her sexy looks and revealing outfits.

Despite assurances by organizers that Wehbe would dress modestly and respect Bahrain's traditions during the show, conservative MPs continued to call for the motion.

But Lebanese paper Ya Liban reported that the show – scheduled for Wednesday's Labor Day – will go on.

"I am a performer and not a politician," Wehbe told the daily.

"I will leave politics for the politicians and let our president talk politics," it quoted her as saying, adding that someone forgot to tell the popstar Lebanon has not had a president for over six months.

Bahrain's Islamist MPs regularly campaign to stop shows and other forms of entertainment deemed to violate Islamic tenets in Bahrain, including the Arabic version of Big Brother.