No topless tanning, Dubai warns women

After complaints about tourists unaware of culture


Women who sunbathe topless are being warned to cover up and avoid overexposure as Dubai imposes stricter rules on the Western practice after receiving a number of complaints, press reports revealed.

Signs will be posted on the beach to warn women—usually tourists who are unaware of the country's traditions—against going topless, an official at Dubai's trendy Jumeirah Beach Park was quoted as saying in the UAE's XPRESS.

Many of Dubai's female residents filed complaints about the offensive practice, which they say mainly happens on 'women's day' and insist topless women attract peeping toms.

Balajani Brown, a 56-year-old Croatian, said that she stopped her teenage daughter from going to the beach and added that people coming from various cultures should respect UAE traditions.

Meena, a 15-year old Egyptian student, told XPRESS that lifeguards always argue with women to cover their bodies.

A beach lifeguard, Vivian, said that some women apologize as soon as she talks to them while others argue and insist that it's a public beach and that they are free to do what they want with their bodies.

"These incidents are reported to the supervisor," she told the paper.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid).