Millions of Iranians visit porn sites daily: report

Beat ban using advanced technologies


The National Youth Organization affiliated to the Iranian presidency has issued a report stating that some 12 million Iranian youth access porn websites on a daily basis.

The report stated that although these websites are blocked by the government, visitors find ways to breach the ban and access the websites using hi-tech computer systems, according to a report published by Saudi daily Al-Watan.

Head of the National Youth Organization Mohamed Akbari said that Western countries make pornographic material available as a weapon "to kill virtue in the souls of our youth after they failed at attacking us with real arms."

Iran imposes strict censorship on the Internet and has already closed many websites that criticize government policies. Opposition forces both inside and outside Iran lash out at government practices towards human rights, especially arrest campaigns and restrictions on freedom of expression.

The Iranian government has also intensified the bugging of phone calls between youths, especially on cell phones, and monitors text messages that criticize the regime.

Iranian police have launched campaigns in the streets to impose the Islamic dress code and ensure people comply with general rules of decency.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)