Palestinian father buries his daughter alive

5 killed in Pakistan for wanting to choose husband


A Palestinian woman died after her father buried her alive claiming he wanted to preserve the "family honor." The father, in his seventies, turned himself in and admitted to killing his 24-year-old divorced daughter.

After investigating the crime scene, the police discovered that the woman’s father had tied her arms and legs and muzzled her before burying her alive. According to press reports on Monday, the coroner was to examine the body to determine whether the woman was also beaten before her death.

The police also detained four of the victim's brothers to investigate their involvement in the crime.

Similar deaths in Pakistan

In a similar incident, tribesmen in western Pakistan buried three girls and two women alive for alleged honor crimes. The three girls, whose ages range between 16 and 18, hailed from the Balochistan province and had expressed their desire to choose their husbands themselves. The two women had supported the girls’ position. But the request, which goes against the tribe's customs, was considered by the tribesmen to be a violation of the tribe's honor.

Local authorities have not arrested any suspect in the crime.

Pakistani MP Serdar Israr-Allah brought up the incident in parliament and expressed his resentment towards the crime. He demanded that the authorities arrest the culprits who murdered the women.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)