Protests in London over 'Muslims Massacre' game

Videogame promotes genocide


An Islamic society in London protested against the promotion of a new video game with the theme of slaughtering Muslims.

The London-based Ramadan Islamic Society urged the British Government to open an investigation and to ban the website that promotes the game on the Internet.

The inventor of the video game 'Muslims' Massacre' designed a special website, which was blocked by a number of Arab states. On the website he said that he "had the thought of the game after the United States had declared its war on Islam."

Mohamed Shafiq, Chairman of the Ramadan Islamic Society, described the game as an unacceptable insult to Islam.

"If it were a game showing Muslims similarly slaughtering Americans or Israelis; it would have caused a worldwide uproar," he said.

European newspaper reports mentioned that the game's main character is an American hero who must kill all the other players. The main targets are either bearded Muslims or others who wear black masks. The goal of the game is for the hero, armed with a machine gun, to rid the Middle East of all Muslims.

It game begins with quotes from U.S. President George W. Bush's speeches about terrorism.

In other phases of the game, the hero may encounter suicide attackers. After he successfully completes all the phases, the hero faces the leader, portrayed as Osama bin Laden.

The video game was invented by a 22-year-old Australian.

(Translated from Arabic by Abeer Tayel)