Islamist's daughter is an erotic dancer: paper

Says cleric Bakri paid $7,000 for her boob job


Outspoken preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed paid for his daughter to get a boob job, which led to her becoming an erotic pole dancer, British press reported Saturday.

Syrian-born Bakri, famous for slamming Western women who flaunt their sexuality, paid £4,000 (about $7,000) in cash for 27-year-old Yasmin Fostock to enhance her breasts to a massive DD cup, The Sun tabloid quoted a source as saying.

The source said Yasmin convinced her religious dad to fork out the cash for breast surgery, saying it would make her feel like a better mother while she was breastfeeding.

The source was quoted as saying that it was the surgery that launched her dancing career, as she received a lot of male attention and became more confident.

Yasmin, who was raised in a strict Muslim household, said she does not get along with her dad and she does not agree with his views, the paper said.

"His views are nothing to do with me. I am an adult, my own person. I am an individual. I do my business and he does his," The Sun quoted Yasmin as saying.

Bakri, 50, has not spoken to his daughter in years and was reportedly "deeply shocked" about the news that his daughter dances around half-naked on stage and said she is free to choose her own path in life but should seek God's forgiveness, the paper reported.

"I have no control over her because as far as I know she is still married. Her behavior should be the responsibility of her husband," Bakri was quoted as telling The Sun, referring to Yasmin's brief arranged marriage to a Turkish man when she was 16-years-old.

But in an interview with Kuwait's Al Rai newspaper Bakri denied The Sun's claims and said it was a fabricated story to tarnish his reputation, adding that the girl they are talking about is not his daughter, citing discrepancies in information.

Bakri is an outspoken Islamist preacher who played a major role in developing Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the UK. In 2005, Bakri was banned from returning to the UK after he fled fearing the government was investigating him. Bakri now lives in Lebanon.