Egyptian couple arrested for swinging orgies

44 couples responded to swingers ad


Egyptian security forces arrested a senior civil servant and his wife for organizing orgies and swinging parties and hosting wife swaps, local press reported Sunday.

An investigation revealed that 44 Egyptian families responded to an Internet ad placed by the government employee and his wife soliciting participants for the orgies that were held over three months at the culprit's house, the Egyptian independent al-Masry al-Youm reported Sunday.

The couple had sex with three couples from among the applicants. The man said that the couples who came to his orgies had to have an official marriage contract and not the unofficial (Urfi) one. Otherwise, they were not admitted.

“The rest were rejected because they were not pleasant,” the paper quoted him as saying.

Egyptian security officials reportedly received classified information about emails sent by the 49 year-old-Iraqi Jew and his 28-year-old schoolteacher wife inviting couples to engage in swinging parties at their house.

The parties usually took the form of orgies, but occasionally some couples would meet privately in the bedrooms then come out and tell the other what happened in detail.

The accused man said he got the idea from a porn movie, and that his wife agreed. They send invitations to couples throughout Greater Cairo and received several responses.

The couple confessed to their crime during interrogation. The two offenders were detained for four days while the prosecution prepared an indictment bill to refer them to the criminal court.

Police also arrested a lawyer who was finalizing a wife swap and a couple from the Gulf who were seeking a swap for the weekend.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)

The rest were rejected because they were not pleasant

Man accused of arranging orgies