Suicide bomber video game "sick"

Freely available on the internet


A computer game in which players control a suicide bomber trying to kill as many civilians as possible has been condemned by victims of terrorism, the London-basedTelegraph reported on Thursday.

The free game, which is available for download from the internet, features an Arab-looking cartoon man who players direct along a busy street and targets civilians for bombing. Points are awarded for every man, woman and child who dies when the bomber detonates hidden grenades strapped to his body.

Members of the Bali Bombing Victims Group described Kaboom – The Suicide Bombing game as "completely sick," and senior MPs have called for it to be taken down from websites, the newspaper reported.

A woman who lost her brother Dan in the 2002 attacks in Indonesia called for the game to be removed from the internet. "It's callous, inappropriate, irresponsible and deeply offensive," Susanna Miller told the Telegraph. "I find it disturbing. I appeal to any sites featuring this game to remove it."

Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, said it contained an "unnecessary" level of violence and expressed concern that children could access the game.

John Whitting¬dale, the Tory chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee said the families of suicide bombing victims would be upset by the "tasteless" game, reported the Telegraph.

The game's creator, an anonymous man from Houston, Texas, insisted his intention was to satirize rather than celebrate terrorism, reported the paper.

"I'm not Jewish, I'm not an Arab and I'm not a terrorist," he wrote on his website. "I just think people who blow themselves up are stupid. That's all this game is."

I just think people who blow themselves up are stupid. That's all this game is

Video game creator