People across the world take to streets for Gaza

From US to Pakistan horror voiced over Israeli killing


Angry and horrified people across the world continued to protest in support of Gaza's 1.5 million people as Israel ignored world officials and citizens calls to end its destructive 16-day assault on the poverty-stricken strip.

While Saudi Arabia's top mufti called pro-Gaza protests as "pure nonsense" and urged people to instead vent their frustrations by donating to the Palestinians, mobs of people around the globe did not let up on gathering outside Israeli and U.S. embassies to express their anger at the death and destruction in Gaza.


In the United States as many as 10,000 people gathered from about 1:00 p.m. (1800 GMT) in Washington's Lafayette Park, across from the White House, chanting "free Palestine" as protest leaders and activists spoke from a podium.

"There are many young people. We feel it's one of the most important demonstrations for Palestine ever in the U.S.," said Eugene Puryear, a coordinator of the Washington protest, which was organized by the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) coalition.

Protesters waived Palestinian flags, wore keffiyah's -- a traditional Palestinian headdress -- and waived signs, some of which read "Stop the Gaza holocaust" and "Free Palestine, let Gaza live."

They then led a march passing in front of the headquarters of The Washington Post newspaper to protest "its hard pro-Israeli line," Puryear said, before heading to the offices of construction equipment giant Caterpillar and military contractor Lockheed Martin.

"I came because there are innocent children dying daily in Palestine. The American people need to know the truth," said 13-year-old Razan Ali, a Palestinian-American who bused in from New York.

A dozen buses filled with protesters came from New Jersey and another seven buses drove in from New York.

Thousands more protested across several Canadian cities, calling for an "immediate ceasefire" and especially targeting conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his support of Israel.

I came because there are innocent children dying daily in Palestine. The American people need to know the truth

US protestor

In Montreal, some 2,000 chanted "Israel the assassin" and called for a ceasefire. Some brandished dolls spattered with red paint that they said represented children killed by the Israeli army.

Several hundred protesters also gathered in front of the U.S. embassy in Mexico City in opposition to what they called the "criminal aggression" in Gaza. Some protesters set shoes ablaze and hurled them against the embassy gates.


British police braced for more demonstrations Sunday after a rally the day before turned violent and 24 people were arrested as angry protesters tried to force entry to gates leading to the Israeli embassy.

The clashes came after between 15,000 and 20,000 people, according to police, marched from Hyde Park through central London before a smaller group went on to the Israeli embassy, where a group of about 200 demonstrators hurled sticks and stones at riot police and were forced back by officers on horseback.

Protesters hurled a crash barrier through the window of a coffee shop and other shop fronts were damaged in the up market Kensington area of the capital.

Demonstrators carried placards reading "Stop the Holocaust in Gaza", "Gaza -- stop the massacre", "A salute to the gallant fighters of Hamas" and "Jews against the war on Gaza."

In the German cities of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich tens of thousands of people were expected to participate in similar demonstrations.

While in Brussels, trade unionists, pressure groups and political parties held a demonstration to call for an immediate ceasefire.

In Rome, over a thousand people formed a human chain from the Jewish quarter of the Italian capital to the local headquarters of the Palestinian Authority, the ANSA news agency reported.

In Paris, thousands of French men and women of Arab origin carrying Palestinian banners shouted "Allahu Akhbar" (God is Greatest) and "Israel murderer".

Protesters smashed shop windows in central Paris and threw bottles at riot police, leading the police to respond by firing teargas.


Elsewhere in the world, Arabs and Muslims voiced their concern for their fellow brethren in Gaza as the death toll neared at least 900 with at least thousands injured.

At least 20,000 Indonesians staged a peaceful rally in the capital with protesters from the Islamic Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) gathered at the national monument in Jakarta and marched through the streets.

The demonstrators, accompanied by their families and children, waved Palestinian flags and carried banners reading "Save Palestine," "Israel, back off from Palestine territories!" and "Boycott Israel's products and Free Palestine."

Meanwhile, across Pakistan people torched Israeli flags and accused the U.S. of not doing enough to stop the assault.

Hundreds staged several small demonstrations in the eastern city of Lahore, with more than 400 people taking part in the main procession along central Mall Road, chanting anti-Israel and anti-U.S. slogans before dispersing peacefully.

"Muslim rulers must take serious note of the double standards of the West," the secretary general of the Jamaat-i-Islami party, Munawwar Hussain, told protesters.

"The U.S., Britain and some other European countries raised a hue and cry over the Mumbai attacks, but surprisingly the world is watching the killings of innocent women and children in Gaza as silent spectators," he said.

Similar protests across the Muslim world have been held throughout the more than two-week assault with people in Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Iran Egypt and Yemen coming out in their thousands to stand united with Gaza and to slam Israel's aggression.