Iran's Guards unveil Dutch plot to oust govt

Britain and US also involved in the scheme against Iran


Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards announced Saturday that they unveiled a Dutch plot aimed at overthrowing the Iranian government by supporting the opposition through the media and the Internet.

"One of the countries which has given financial support to the opposition over the past few years is Holland," a statement issued by a center run by the Guards stated, according to the Khorasan newspaper.

It said the parliament in the Netherlands had in 2005 adopted a 15 million euro ($19 million) budget proposed by a Dutch MP of Iranian origin which was used to fund Persian Internet sites hostile to the Islamic regime and to help rights groups.

"The Dutch project aimed to encourage sexual and moral deviation in society," the Revolutionary Guards center said, and to support the idea that the "threats (against Iran) are increasing (and) . . . the idea that the current Iranian government is incapacitated."

US and Britain involved

The plot was led "in coordination with Britain" and involved “secret planning by the United States," said the Guards, an elite ideological corps set up to defend the Islamic republic.

The Guards revealed it dismantled several networks last month accused of setting up anti-Islamic, counter-revolutionary and “obscene" websites, and arrested a number of suspects including people residing abroad.

Tehran repeatedly accused Washington and London of backing violent and non-violent actions against the state and has launched in the past a number of crackdowns on bloggers and Internet users deemed to be hostile to the authorities and their Islamic values.

Threats are increasing and the idea that the current Iranian government is incapacitated

Revolutionary Guards of Iran