Mousavi's petition to Iran's supreme leader


Defeated Iranian reformist Mir Hossein Mousavi's petition proposed the following:

Committee formation

The committee to be formed as follows:

•Three members representing the traditional three religious references

•Four representatives of the presidential candidates

•A representative of the interior ministry that is not biased to any of the candidates

•A representative of the Guardian Council of the Constitution that is not biased to any of the candidates

•One academic legal expert

•A well-known unbiased judge from the Lawyers' Syndicate

•The Attorney General

•Head of the judicial authority

•The Inspector General

Key points for investigation

The committee to investigate the following:

•The interference of the authorities and the military in the elections and its impact

•The interference of the Basij and its impact

•Abuse of power and its impact

•The giving of gifts and its impact

•The actual numbers of voters

•The way the results were pre-planned and the percentage of votes given by the Interior Ministry

•The role of shadow institutions in the results

•The obstacles that prevented several candidates' representatives from going to the executive committees and attending ballot box closing and vote counting

•The reasons for the speedy announcement of election results through the computer and without waiting to complete all the legal stages, in violation of the instructions of the Guardian Council of the Constitution and which stressed the necessity of manual counting

•The reasons of carrying out military maneuvers before the elections, unlike in previous elections

•Vote buying and its impact

•The pro-Ahmadinejad T.V. and radio campaign, unprecedented in previous elections

•The distribution of vote cards and reasons for their shortage in important cities

•The duration of the voting process and Interior Minister's decision to end it quickly