Russian women use rented husbands for support

New service flourishes as busy men fail to satisfy their women


Is your man too busy to help you around the house? Well for women in Russia it is no longer a problem as they have a new service that allows them to rent a husband by the hour.

From fixing a shelf to changing a lock, rented husbands are proving to be the next big thing in Russia where the very lucrative business was launched in the northwestern city of St. Petersburg.

"Some women can't even change a light bulb," Alexander Yakovlev, who heads one of the renting offices, said. "I currently have 50 men to do this kind of work."

For Boris Ivanov, who used to be the manager of a publishing house until he lost his job due to the financial crisis, working for as a rent-a-husband is a great way to earn an income.

"They only require a man who does not mind doing small household chores," he said. "It pays well and secures a stable income."

Some women can't even change a light bulb

Alexander Yakovlev

Those who launched the service expected to tap into the single women's market but have found they have a large number of married.

"My husband is always at work," said one of the married customers. "I can't do everything on my own, so I call one the husband renting service."

Prices depend on the service requested. Hanging a painting costs $ 6 while fixing a chair costs $ 8. The price of taking out the trash for an entire residential building reaches $ 130.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)

My husband is always at work...I can't do everything on my own, so I call one the husband renting service

Married customer