Al Arabiya airs tape of Saudi prince and attacker

Phone conversation between prince and bomber released


Al Arabiya television broadcast on Tuesday a recording of the telephone conversation between Saudi Arabia's security chief, Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, and the suicide bomber, Abdullah Hassan Tali Assiri, who tried to assassinate him in Jeddah late on Thursday.

Assiri called the prince and asked for a meeting saying he repented for his participation in terrorist activities and wanted to give himself up to the authorities.

The phone conversation was around five minutes long and in it Assiri told
Prince Mohammad that he wanted to "explain everything."

The prince is renowned for his anti-terrorism work in the kingdom, where he encourages militants to come forward.

Assiri goes on to ask the prince for a plane and tells him he will bring his brother along with him. The prince sounded compassionate and said he would try his best to sort things out.

Before hanging up, Assiri asked the prince for forgiveness and the prince told him: "Don't ask me to forgive you. You are our sons. We want to win you back and make sure no one is abusing you." (See Related Links for full transcript)

Upon meeting the prince, Assiri detonated his explosives in an attempt to assassinate the prince. He succeeded only in killing himself as the prince was only slightly wounded.