Turkey bans "sexy" American pop video: report

Justin Timberlake and Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" too explicit


Turkey's state broadcasting watchdog has banned the music video for "Love Sex Magic," a duet between pop star Justin Timberlake and Ciara, due to its sexually explicit content, Milliyet newspaper said.

The Radio and Television Supreme Council has barred TV channels from showing the video because "it contains sexual outfits, dancing and scenes that are contrary to the development of children and youth and morality in general," according to the daily.

The video features a skimpily clad Ciara licking Timberlake's ear and bent over in questionable positions as the two singers dance closely together.

Ali Karacan, the owner of Numberone TV which has aired the video, called the ban "anachronistic" and "humiliating" for Turkey, a secular Muslim country, which is trying to join the European Union.

In 2001, Turkey's TV watchdog for music mulled reprimanding the country's best-selling artist for passionately kissing a woman in a video.

Viewers complained that Tarkan Tevetoglu, 29, who is the only Turkish singer to enter the charts in Europe, video verged on "pornography."